Sun is Power - Because there is no Planet B 

Have you considered switching to solar energy? 

More and more households are making the switch to greener, cleaner energy. Not only can installing solar on your home reduce costs, but you can also support the reduction of non-renewable energy over time. We only have one planet, so why not do your bit to keep it safe? Solar energy is now a more effective solution than ever before, providing countless households with the ability to reduce their costs and lessen their environmental impact. With the introduction of optimisers, batteries and inverters, solar panels are no longer the costly, ineffective option they once were. There’s a reason more individuals than ever are investing in this unique, practical and green form of energy. You can be one of those lucky people – all you need to do is get in touch with Sun is Power today to discuss how we can achieve something far more planet-friendly. 

The advantages of investing in solar 

Does solar energy sound like the right fit for you? Maybe you’re unsure of the benefits solar power can bring to your household, or you don’t know if it’s the ideal solution. Here are just a few of the advantages of investing in modern solar systems from Sun is Power: 

   Save money on traditional energy systems 

In comparison to fossil fuels and similar energy sources, solar energy can prove a far more cost-effective solution. In fact, in some cases installing solar panels can even lead to an incredible 10% return on investment, saving you money while your energy choices save the planet. If you’ve considered solar panels but are unsure of the cost implementations, you’ll be pleased to know that using the power of the sun costs far less than every other option out there. Cleaner energy, and more money in your pocket. That’s a win-win situation. 

   Evolved technology suitable for 24/7 

While many people consider solar panels to be useful only during daylight hours, this couldn’t be further from the truth with the latest technology available on the market. The use of batteries enables the sufficient storage of excess energy, allowing for a reduction in the use of energy from external suppliers. If you can produce your own energy, through day and night, why wouldn’t you? With careful use, it’s possible to power most of your household needs by simply using advanced solar panels. 

   Hot water on tap 

Did you know that solar panels can even provide an effective way to heat the water in your home? With the addition of a hot water cylinder with an immersion heater, the Hot Water Helper from Sun is Power can provide your household with heat when you need it most. Save on the cost of gas and electricity with a self-sufficient heating system. Never suffer through a cold shower ever again, and go greener in the process with Thermo Dynamic Panels. 

   Make your home greener with little input needed 

The average household now understands the impact our everyday lives can have on the environment – so if you can change something with little effort required, why wouldn’t you? Solar panels are a fantastic way to live a greener life. There is no planet B, so by doing your bit now, you can support living greener lifestyles as a whole. If you’re not investing in solar panels, then you’re not doing all you can to provide a greener future for your family. Unlike changes that require personal effort and breaking difficult habits, solar panels are a convenient and quick way to start doing your part for the planet. 
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