Solar Boost 

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Complete Solar Renewable Services 

Sun is Power are dedicated to provide the best quality materials, equipment and components to ensure that you enjoy the energy saving benefits of your investment for many years to come. We will carry out a full site survey to make sure that solar panel renewable energy is right for your property and location and we will provide trusted advice on the right solution. 

   Roof Mounted 

The most common installation in the UK for residential properties. Using this typically unused space on your property is a great way to harness the sun's solar energy. Location and aspect of your home is important for an efficient system though so we will identify suitability and advise accordingly. 

   Ground Mounted 

For more rural settings or where space allows ground mounted solar panels may be preferred. Maximum efficiency can be gained by installing at the optimum direction to gain most direct sunlight and Sun is Power will project manage the complete electrical installation to your property. 

   Site Surveys 

Not all properties are suitable for solar panel installation, location, aspect & shading of trees or buildings can affect the efficiency and ultimately effectiveness of the installation. It is important that you get expert advice on the suitability of solar renewable energy for your property and with 20 years experience in the industry you can rely on Sun is Power for that advice. 

   Full Installation 

Our team of expert fitters will install and test your new renewable solar installation to the highest standards and quality. We will project manage the whole installation including all associated equipment and electrical connection to your home electricity supply. 

   Battery Storage 

Battery Storage is the latest technology allowing you to store the energy your panels produce during the day and you use it when you need it most. Careful use can give up to 90% self consumption which as energy prices continue to rise is a sensible investment. 


We test and report on the efficiency of our installations as well as offering services to test your existing installation and equipment. Like all electrical equipment regular testing is advised to ensure safe and efficient operation, being exposed to the elements this is even more essential with solar panel installations. 


During testing or if you suspect that your renewable solar installation is not working correctly or has failed completely then call Sun is Power for help. We will attempt to repair or correct any issues and highlight any replacement needs. 
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